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What is the “Availability Heuristic?”

The “Availability Heuristic” is our brain’s pesky tendency to overvalue things we can easily remember. Learn how this sneaky cognitive bias skews our decision-making process.

How Brain Scientists Helped Win WW2?

Graeme Newell tells the remarkable story of how a young professor’s discovery drastically cut down on fatalities in the bombing raids over the perilous skies of Germany.

Who is the Best Mentor for You?

Picking a mentor to guide you takes skill and patience. Decision science researcher Graeme Newell shows you how a cognitive bias called “survivorship bias” can compel you to choose the wrong person.

What is “Proportionality Bias?”

Wonder how all those weird conspiracy theories get started? You can thank the cognitive bias called “proportionality bias.” Learn how ALL OF US distort reality when big events become hard to explain.

When are We Most Vulnerable to Impulsive Decisions?

Cognitive biases are always waiting to trip up our very flawed human brains. Learn specific ways you can sharpen your decision-making skills and avoid bad choices.

Pump Up Your Decision-Making Smarts

Availability Bias makes us overvalue things we can easily remember. Learn how this pesky brain bias covertly warps your most important choices.

Bias for Action

What is Bias for Action?

After a setback, our very flawed human brain will often tempt us to immediately spring into action. It just feels better to DO SOMETHING, even if it’s the wrong thing to do. Many times, the best strategy is not to automatically act, but instead, to pause, assess and plan a smart next move.

Bias for Action

Financial Planning Education: Preventing Losses When Markets Get Scary

Solid financial planning education means planning for down financial markets and staying on track. Brain science reveals the moments when we’re most vulnerable to rash financial planning decisions. Learn how to avoid the “bias for action” that causes so many smart investors to slip up.

Corona Virus Strategy

Best Corona Virus Marketing Strategy – Covid Marketing Strategy Made Simple

Finding the best corona virus marketing strategy is so important right now. A solid corona virus marketing strategy is something that many brands are struggling with in these troubled times. The corona virus has caught many marketing strategy pros flat-footed, asking themselves, how could my covid marketing strategy fall so flat?!

Affluent Marketing

The Emotions that Connect Best with Financial Services Customers

Each of us has our own financial fantasy. For some it’s fast cars, big boats and the opulent life. For others, it’s a dream vacation or a secure retirement. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell tested hundreds of examples of financial services marketing. Which financial dreams were most appealing? Learn what the latest brain research is revealing.

Hero Worship

Best Ways Financial Services Companies can Touch the Hearts of their Customers

Fantasies about the good life are wildly different for every financial service customer. Some dream of the opulent life filled with luxury, while others have more pragmatic goals of a simple but comfortable retirement. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell show you the best tactics for whetting your customer’s desire to save.

First 3 Seconds

The Best Ways to Quickly Grab Customer Attention

The biggest marketing problem today isn’t convincing customers you have a quality product. The biggest problem is getting customer to recognize that your product merely exists. Today’s distraction-inundated world demands your messaging be strategically honed word by word, second by second. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell taps the latest neuroscience testing to reveal the best tactics for grabbing attention and how over-the-top tactics can backfire.

Make People Happy

Simple and Easy Ways to Win your Customers Heart

Creating messaging that cuts through the clutter and touches people emotionally is the magic combo for marketers. The good news is that this elusive duo may be easier to attain than you thought. New neuroscience research is peering inside the brains of customers and showing the specific emotional marketing techniques that grab attention and leave them feeling a warm emotional glow. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell shows you the best ways to make an emotional connection.

Hugging for Financial Services

Best Ways to Get Customers Excited About Products

What are the most powerful emotional drivers in the world of marketing? New neuroscience research is revealing that the most powerful human motivators are the feelings most basic to human survival. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell shows how smart marketers utilize these emotions. You’ll learn the best ways to assure your products connect.


How to Assure Customers Engage with your Marketing

Online content viewers are more distracted than ever. So how can you cut through the clutter and get noticed. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell gives you a second-by-second guide for the best ways to grab customer attention, then how to guide them through your marketing content to a big payoff at the end.

Invesco Story

Simple marketing vs sophisticated marketing – which is more effective?

The most powerful marketing will have a message that dazzles both the intellect and the heart, but which is most important? Powerful new neuroscience research is peering inside the brains of typical customers and showing the best ways to build effective marketing. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell explains how to build your messaging so it appeals on a deep instinctual level.

Action Visuals

Visuals vs Sound – Which Connects Best?

When creating video content, which is more important: the visuals or the sound? Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell taps the latest neuroscience to show how your brain connects with online content. Learn the best techniques to score an emotional, memorable impression with your customers.


Best Ways to Assure Your Marketing Gets Remembered

Building marketing content that cuts through clutter is harder than ever, but new neuroscience insights are revealing the specific storytelling techniques that are most successful at emotionally engaging customers. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell shows you the best ways to assure your product features get remembered.


The Delicate Art of Using Fear to Market Your Product

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. It is an amazing attention grabber and used strategically, it can entice customers like no other emotion. But new neuroscience research is revealing how poisonous heavy-handed fear tactics can be. Emotional marketing researcher Graeme Newell reveals new research revelations on the best ways to compel without frightening.

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